Time-space continuum

Years ago… so long I don’t even know when anymore, I picked up the phone and the “you and me” song came on. It went on for a long time and no one would reply to my desparate calls, so I sat there listening to it. It was a sweet poinless overlooked incident, as I knew nothing more than that someone called my house and possibly intended for me to get some kind of message. I was also very aware that whoever I thought it could be was actually someone who wouldn’t even cross my mind, so I left it at that.

Today, as he was threatening to leave me and go live in Finland, I thought “what is this bullshit re Spi? you’re staying right here with me!”, a statement, which resulted in him appearing hugely relieved, aften having been verbalised. I guess he was just testing me. And then it hit me! He probably had travelled from the future and left me that message on the phone, long before he even existed!

However, he wasn’t of the same opinion at all, he said “it is very unlikely timetravel will be discovered soon and anyhow even if it is I wouldn’t waste it on a song like that for you”.

Oh well, what does he know, one day he’ll see that I’ve always known better.

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