Heart to heart, mind to mind, we are the ones that travel through time

Watching Herzog’s Grizzly Man, I couldn’t decide whether I liked it or not. It is a comment on man’s position on earth and it is cruel and crude in terms of arrangement. However, it is so deeply realistic that it shocks you. The perverse obsession of the hero, the grizzly man, with grizzly bears, becomes so clearly an unfitting behaviour for wild nature, where he lives and yet he manages to survive and be perceived by the bears like some alien explorer they are just not sure about, but are not inclined to harm. It’s almost like Herzog is implying that we either have alien descent or we’ve become perverse due to our evolution within our own society, to a point at which we stand above the laws of the ecosystems that surround us.

It also becomes clear that the only reason why he survived for as long as he did was that his behaviour exhibited such affection and sophistication in comparison to that of the bears, that they just couldn’t go ahead with killing him. When he eventually was attacked it was while he was sleeping and unable to dominate them with his affection, it was also at a point where he was starting to loose his head with paranoia. I guess nature allows little space for wasteful energy. Sadly the point at which he was killed was also a point at which he was in love. Desperate and in love he died trying to save his girlfriend, without success, as she remained by his side fighting against the bear, who eventually ate her too.

I don’t know whether the evolution of our brains makes us seem so unearthly at times, or whether our genome contains extraterrestrial elements, but in any case I believe that nature is not a place we belong to entirely anymore.

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