Athens in free fall

Everyone seems so trapped lately, coming to me, telling me their troubles, but they no longer include a nice optimistic promise to fix everything in the end of their testimonies. First everyone had money troubles, then they got confronted with social status readjustment, then they had personal problems with spouses and families and now all they’re looking for is someone to offer them some comfort, maybe even a cup of tea and a bit of understanding. People no longer feel they’re good and worthy, that notion in the people between 25 and 45 has altogether been abandoned.

Everyday so many people wondering around town aimlessly, thinking about how to fix all of this, but unable to take over their lives and re-invent themselves in a way that would make sense in this economic black hole. So many troubles and often insanity just a few more unfortunate events away for people loosing everything they worked hard for. Solid foundations in relationships, knowhow and work are really only a measure of how self-assured one is mentally… but how self-assured can a human being be, when the infrastructure of their world tumbled down within a couple of years?

However, Athens is still such a charming and dirty little city. It reminds me of some mafia 70s film with Robert Deniro and Harvey Keitel at times. Manly, ignorant, lawless men making a living anyway they can… stupid, sweet, tasteless chicks trying to look pretty and spoiled, uncontrollable, overprotected children being chased by grannies with food in plastic containers… And all the stupid tactless things they all say just add to the charm of this rough decadent sunny urban paradise with an almost movie-like humane quality… It still feels like home, it’s still a little wonderland, but it’s becoming harder and harder to justify staying here.

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