The balanced manifesto of counter-sexist civility

dedicated to my bitch Evagelia

All the men I ever met tried to discipline me

I, in turn, tried to show them that this was not a good idea

I identify no man as my discipliner

I will bite and scratch any patronising asshole even considering it

“Be patient, fine, balanced, kind”

I could just eat anyone uttering those words alive

Because this is a sexist model ingrained in relationships, work, art etc.

and it goes a bit like this:
Girl likes boy

Boy tells girl to be  patient, fine, balanced, kind

Girl becomes that

Girl looses her self-awareness, commitment to her feemale peer creative bullshit-talk,  creativity and becomes an anticipating zombie that goes around being balanced, sexy or whatever have you…

I could just vomit!

If you love something you should let it free

Even though an intuitive understanding of natural forces may be intimidating and easily mistaken for hysteria

and even though one may be simply projecting their need to discipline their own urges and desires on the object of such desire.

I know my little manifesto will not save anyone,

but I also know girls will always giggle and share secrets and fart and say really dirty intimate stuff to each other about dicks

whilst men can hang around being patient, fine, balanced or whatever other bullshit it was.



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