The animals

We’re born alone but comforted by our parents and first caregivers. We grow up being taken care of by someone, but we all realise as early on as we develop a consciousness of ourselves that in our head we are alone and there are things we cannot explain to others. We develop ways of expressing ourselves and develop meaningful friendships in our childhood, but we still experience times of loneliness and times we really want to be only with ourselves.

It’s nice to come in terms with being alone and enjoy the company of other creatures that surround you, because there are so many, even in the city. You hear their footsteps and feel their breaths, but you do not need to explain anything to them. It’s reassuring to not give a shit about how you look and how you may come across socially.

Life may go on without us, but it’s also nice and all the self-assurance we need, to remember that it goes on within us.

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