Poo anarchy

Poo anarchy

Back in the 00s when I lived in London, there was a little freepress magazine called Shoreditch Twat and it served as a small manifesto for the London east-end rising cool crew. Now that I look back at it, I realise that it was pretty damn important historically, as it stood for coolness and creative anarchy – pretty much the place Athens, my current little city, is trying to get to more than 10 years later.

In particular, there was an article on “poo-anarchy”, inviting people to go to mcdonalds and starbucks and poo all over the toilet. It went deep into the politics and implications of such an action straightforwardly and definitely had me convinced! It was a brilliant piece ideologically and I’m pretty sure it made an impact, with the idea having travelled through time and space like a meme. Boy, would I like to get my hands on that original article and revisit that secret place, known to few, it all started from. Bet I kept a copy, which will magically appear in the hands of my grandchildren after my death and cost a fortune by then.

The funny thing is that I remebered this because I saw a photo of Paola Revenioti (artist & transvestite) ‘s dog pooing outside the fascists’ headquarters and thought ‘wow that’s exactly the attitude we need’. There’s no need to clash with idiots, all you need to do is poo on anything you don’t like… that’s what anarchy is all about init?

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