Coming together

There are so few of us left in this city. Most people who could, have already left months or even years ago for some research project somewhere in central or northern Europe. Everyone who’s still here has a firm reason for being here, sometimes even a goal and sometimes even some kind of separation phobia. Naturally I’m referring to middle class 25-40 year old art-scene drifters who all hold a key to one or another exit. There’s little money in our pockets, but we all eventually find our way in and no one’s expecting too much anyway.

Gig/gallery-hopping, HnM shopping, walking around town in camper shoes, facebook chatting about the thing to do this week and recycling friends, flirts and lovers… It’s pretty cosy, I must say… we’ve reached a point when even if we’ve never met, we’re pretty clear about names, crew, exs and facebook attendances and no one is even hiding it anymore. I’ll go out to a gig and chat to people I’ve never been introduced to, casually, expecting them to know who I am, as well as I know them.

Meanwhile, immigrants are roaming the dark dirty streets, desperately looking for a livelyhood. Some of them who sell flowers in bars, we know by name. Hardly anyone buys any, but we’re all happy to see each other. It’s them and us the people who own the night and everyone knows that those who own the night, own the city.

Let the fascists fucken go nuts, if they must, historically they’ve always been present and socially they are just the lowest and least intriguing of psychos. Athens is turning into something new, people are coming together, not falling apart anymore and the good news is the new creature is injected with brand new exciting cultural traits from Bangladesh, Syria, China, Nigeria and god knows where else.

…You know I’ve been thinking it could work out in the end, it might just be some people, who simply didn’t have it in them,  just had to make space for the new and you know the new is already starting to take form. But then again everything takes form in the end, one way or another and if it’s gonna be a pretty one is actually everyone’s responsibility. I say… lets stay and make it work.

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