cleaning dirt


If you choose to be a woman you’ve got to know there’ll always be so much dirt to clean and so many things to rearrange, so many people to put to rest, so many dead to bury, so quietly sustaining the work, the pain and one’s self. I’ve cleaned and read books and articles about how to do it right… but what counts in the end of the day to everyone is how effortless you make it seem and how little you complain. In doing so, I have found it easier to forgive and forget, sacrificed my pride for the greater good and ideally, never tell a soul. I’ve gone through things that would have turned me into a fugitive, a thief and a murderer, but thankfully things didn’t quite turn out that rough for me, even though I could easily see how they could have in less developed, socially insecure environments. However, for some women things do turn quite rough and then I feel so much for them, that I forget altogether about men. Men interest me so little in comparison to women… it is probably because I believe their burden of life and survival is so straightforward and overstated in comparison.

It’s funny that females should be considered the pretty sex in humans… I think that men have clearly got that peacock posture more than women do. We make the hardest, most determined and most cooperative workers, because we always have dependants, children, elders and animals, people and things to maintain safe and we are prone as well as immune to them. It’s beautiful how we crack near the end, so vulnerable and yet so shrewd – the kind of gentle force life smells of.

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