My favourite song

This could well be my favourite song, by one of my favourite bands. Mimi Parker could be anyone or anything if you really get to know her, but whatever she might be, including a mormon, I’ll always love her and her voice.

The first time I was going to see them live I passed out during the first song, after having had just a few sips of beer. I guess I was tired from trying to finish an assignment and worn out by excitement. They carried me outside and then I threw up on my friend’s shoes. They told me to go back to the chalet and sleep (we were at ATP festival), so I did.

I saw them, maybe a few months later playing at Union Chapel, Islington and many more times ever since. Everytime I was just taken to a magically familiar land. I wonder if other people feel like that about a quiet, low-profile band such as Low nowadays. Slowcore and emo was the thing back then in the 00s… it was a time when life’s tempo seemed long, soft, but much more hardcore than any Florence or Beirut or what have you.

The last time I saw them, Mimi was evidently angry at Alan. She was so annoyed with him, that she just kept leaving the stage and reappearing, while he was distant, at times trying to calm her down. Despite the evident tension, they played perfectly and I fell in love with her even more.

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