I have people in my brain

I just came back from the cinema. We went to see an action movie with my son. He loved it and I sort of loved the Japanese chicks in it, plus he had nachos and I had a beer and a couple of cigarettes, as it was an outdoor theatre. Everyone was happy.
When we got to the car and headed home, he started mumbling happily, yet distractingly, while I was just going “aha aha”. Then, I started coughing and I’ve had this nasty cough for weeks now, so I told him to stop talking for a sec, so I could cough in peace. He kept quiet and I put the radio up and half-sung, half-coughed along to “it smells like teen spirit”.
Then I passed outside a friend’s house and felt a strange metaphysical wind blowing, like I finally was able to appreciate the significance of things and people… like there were people close to me, whose metaphysical communicating abilities with myself I underestimated, due to elevated pride levels, coupled with self-awareness. Those films make you feel like you too could be a hero in the ninja battle your life seems to be at times and that in the end of the day, that might be a pretty cool way of looking at it. I guess wondering around the things you want like Kafka’s K, around the castle, without no one really listening or offering any useful directions of how to obtain them, can make you feel confound literally and metaphorically. However, the messages your brain confers are not just a monologue, it’s a critical recombination of brain waves from all people involved with you. Go tell me that I’m full of irrational rubbish and I’ll tell you it’s almost like a globally accepted truth that was never really proven, but not really that far fetched considering that chemical and electromagnetic signalling is means of thought… Why then not communication too?
Sadly, needy people always create surrounding noise for those inter-brain communication frequencies. That’s probably why needy people (over 16 – non-dependent – non-children) can be dangerous for science, love and the brain. It’s like trying to listen to a song you really like on the radio, while someone is making small-talk from the back seat. Needy people should be eliminated by ninjas (in a matrix context), alternatively I’ve always thought (having grown up with a needy sister) that writing is means of exoscising them.

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