Keeping you close

An association between two people, bound by commitment, is one of the most profound events for every person. But the real fun starts when the association starts cracking and the words, the smells and the feelings resurface distorted, reclining towards bright realism, one so bright, which can hardly ever be reached, like one’s own reflection. The foggy lack of reliability covers earth and paranoia drops from the sky like rain.

The photographic album of idealistic visions and memories shared flows in an ever changing universe. But it’s utopia to think that a person can be profoundly connected to too many individuals and places, sticking to the idealistic reoccurrence of superficial acquaintances like a child to a happy ending. There comes a time when you realise there is a threshold to new beginnings and some of those you kept close are those you should continue to do so, if you have any chance of evolving.

Commitment is hardcore and the culture developed by our associations is our own real culture and ethnicity. I think the whole concept of work actually stems from maintaining social associations. I guess that’s why you should always work for what you love, cause well for that you’ll always open your mind and find ways to make things work.

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