While stuff were happening, I was thinking about sexual dimorphism in humans. Stuff happens and if you don’t make anything out of it, you might as well be dumb. I was raised to think we’re equal and similar, but deep inside no one believes that and it turns out that’s for good reason. Othen than body shape and size what I found quite interesting was brain size. Men have bigger brains on average, but of course due to issues from the side of humanities, no one advertises that fact too much. It’s also quite interesting that what seems to be distinctively different in our brains is this structure called “stria terminalis”, which seems to govern acute stress responses.
So I was thinking, it always gets on my nerves how fragile and oblivious women seem to be portrayed as in popular narrative, but it turns out it’s actually pretty accurate. We are smaller, with a less developed muscular system and try to avert stress, not because we’re wiser, but because we can’t deal with it. We would rather be gatherers, than hunters, we would rather say nothing than face confrontations.
It seemed allegoric that I found myself mumbling something and shutting the door behind hesistantly, waiting for something to stop me, heart sinking, mind trying to recite song lyrics. I drove off fast, terrified to even look back, drove recklessly back home, trying not to think about the following days… I’ll be alright, people are always nice to me anyways, probably for the wrong reasons, but who cares, just play along for now.
I play along and mumble, I live longer, but do I choose how I live? Do I even care? Well yeah, I do, but I detest being dominated so much that I might never say what I meant to, unless someone lends a polite ear. If there would be any benefit for humans in a woman having a brain, it would have to be harvested through a kind unobstructive ear.

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