what’s falling in love but a twist in a personal time continuum?
throw religion at me, throw some culture, throw a classic book or two…
the longer your song the longer my timeless fall lasts
every moment I’m loosing my sense of time
gaining your sense of rhythm
why are you empty? why are you blank? I’m giving all I fucken got
yeah that’s bloody all
you took a photograph, you sung a song
how could you think that was little, but how did you think that was much?
I dream of you at daytime and dream of you at night
and meanwhile living creatures breathe loving needy life all around me
but I never sleep at ease unless I’m next to you
how else do you think we could ever begin?
you never reply, you never ask, unless you do
I never know, I’m never anywhere but there
deep in my heart it’s all a fairytale waiting to blast
into splatter of guts and blood
is it the body, is it time or is it the computer one must conquer?
is it in the words or is it in the music?
we’re always multitasking, never saying enough, never stopping to think
truth is all I want
truth lost somewhere between mizery and bliss
will you sit next to me tonight?
that’s all I want
not all of the above and none of the below
just watch a stary sky from the edge of the world
holding your hand in a timeless bond
only to hear the sound of the plane crashing
despite of you and me
at the precise point where I end and you begin
precis! they all affirmed in a faraway country in the middle of frozen nowhere

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