last resort

The entire country seems like it’s packing
packing to travel off somewhere
but where?
Everyone says they’re soon leaving
there are various destinations
Germany, Denmark, US, UK, Belgium, the Antarctic, space
But we’re stuck and we all know it
we should have a way out
that’s the promise they gave us
all we had to do was study and not take too many drugs
Ha ha funny
Every year they say, I’ll leave soon
yeah I’m off now
just wait till September…
I’ll be off
off to my room in my parents’ house
where it’s safe
and dreams come alive like when I was little
It’s a social class war
people from poorer countries want to go to the countries which are as poor as theirs before the recession
and so on
Maybe it would help if we all just shifted countries
the poorest countries could then be turned into a Dubai-type havens
where the rich can be happily rich
personally I’m fine living in my room
class identity is like sexism
hindering personal development
I’m not gonna change country just to assert my parents’ aspirations
I would like to stay right here and deconstruct them
and it looks like I’m gonna do well

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