smooth death

the wind, the heat, the sweat, the tired dog

the boy climbing the fence

the cigarettes piling

the hours passing

the ashes scattered by the wind

the fires raging all around

my birthday approaching

as miserable as ever

the tears whelling slowly

day by day

the past

the present

you and me saying hello or goodbye in parks

I pass by again and again

you on my sofa or my bed

your pen on my thigh

your ex on my mind

bruises from your teeth fading

my lungs bleeding

my legs wanting to run

my voice wanting to scream

everything behaving

everything but my mind

your friends keeping me company

my stupid pride

my stupid attachment

with eternal faith in dettachment

my skirt blown over my waist

not giving a shit anymore

nothing matters

“there’s nothing to enjoy in life”

except for the creator

and the destructor

eternal surrender

eternal childish faith

eternal adult loss of it

you told me I should wash the rug

overlooking the fact that there shouldn’t be a rug at this time of year

men never listen to women

unless it’s their mum

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