sweet dreams

How we love to pull strings

it’s called lust

yet we do it to the very people we love the most

middle class games of adolescent minds

just turned 34 and adolescence doesn’t look like it will end any time soon

nothing to loose and yet everything on the table

all you can really trust happened up to the point you turned three

Maybe sometimes it’s ok to say sweet dreams

generalisations are just an emotional diversion

we don’t pray hard enough for humanity

faith is so last millenium

metamodernism infected with perverted notions of eroticism

in our clothes and hair

strip naked

and stop your mind from inhibiting your life

no, not your mind, stop the movies, stop the books, stop the scientific references

don’t pull the trigger

just say sweet dreams and focus on what life smells like

it’s the only way you can momentarily own it

time is just around the corner

pointing it’s arrow ahead

but scattered all through space

everywhere you look there are dimensions of time

with self-consciousness comes the ability to manipulate time

but never forget that the arrow will mercilessly point ahead

never forget that the sweat dripping from your forehead

is your whole life piled up in your body

and it’s already more words than my brain can process

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