A schizophrenic girl-only upbringing

No one is to blame for this communal boredom girls share on social media

no one but their powerless disposition

a social norm wanting them to be more productive, more motivated and more independent

than any man

feeding them fairytales and encouraging adorable lameness

up to the point where they realise what it is they’ve done

a point of no return, since they are no longer virgins

they are grown up women who have learned that happiness comes from good sex

sex which you get when you’re pretty

ungrateful bitches of shared perception on social media

talented artists who challenge everything

but hardly ever get any joy out of it

as they have to try harder

jealous tarts who blame each other for their own shortcomings

something has gone terribly wrong

girls can’t enjoy themselves and boys can’t enjoy them either

everyone’s gasping for contact

but they are ever so hesitant due to the constant guiding guilt of their parents

maybe there should be a shift in investment

an appreciation for the terrible worrior girl

who fights for survival

maybe feminism is not about combing girls’ hair and telling them how pretty they are no matter what people say

but about telling them to their face that they’re on their own



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