falling out of love

The best thing I did yesterday was falling out of love with you

I surrounded myself with the sadness, the loneliness and the doom

the creeping expectation of abandonment was no longer in the dodgy shadows

it was as present and clear as my oblivion

It was the best thing I did that day, because I fell in love all over again

Sat at the edge of your bed, unable to breathe, drifting in doubt

your rested your head on my lap

and I couldn’t avoid stroking your thick hair again

betraying doom, like it had betrayed me

diving in the unknown once again

felt like the first time you came over

so unsure I don’t even remember how anything started

all I remember is a sense of relief

realising that this is what I wanted, you

my heart deepens with every narrative

deeper in a hypodermic tunnel

where everything you are is my journey

reborn every sunrise with the realisation that you are greater than me

every moment of the new day

I long to fall out of love

because I know I will be falling in love with you again

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