best friends

Everything was falling apart

and as always she called me

she told me she felt shit and finally I breathed

the air of free expression

We always fought against everyone and everything to be together

We used to run back home after school just to pick up the phone and talk some more

and now we were both mothers

So I took my son over to her flat down the road where she was with her own son, who was asleep

I asked if he would mind a small walk in the middle of the night

and he replied “of course not, she’s your best friend”

I brought a bottle of red wine

and we spoke without restrain

There was no need to shout to be heard anymore

never felt this much together

no other voice felt more reassuring or safe

The boys were dreaming

and we were unchanged, but bright and new, just like 20 years ago

in a safe place where our riches could be appreciated for their true value

without envy

Before saying  goodnight we kissed each other’s son as if he was our own

We said goodnight with a sigh of relief

All heavy objects were turned into magical light things falling into a well with Alice

The boys were both safe tonight from nightmares

and we were treated for once without violence or manipulation

together in the unbearable lightness of being

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