black hole – white hole

floating in the black hole – lost track of time in here

lost track of memory

surrounded by an extremely dense mass and ruins from other planets which seem to have escaped

me, just a sparse planet

I used to take up as little space as possible, responsibly considering universal energy expenditure

orbiting peacefully with restrained ambition

just growing, meticulously evolving towards something better

I’ve been waiting to be spat out the other end any minute now

still in there though, feeding it laboriously with everything I’ve got

making sure it doesn’t collapse on itself

and instead of sparing me, the black hole just keeps getting bigger

I love everything about its massive presence and internal chaotic brilliance

but I’m getting tired and weary now of being carried along on this crazy orbit

not hoping I might be able to solve the mystery of the physical laws ruling it anymore

I know it’ll be a white hole some day soon

and all the things poured back into the universe will be the most precious things it didn’t know it was missing, more luminous than before

but hold on, did the others escape, were they spat out, or digested? I wonder…

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