Yoko Mabelle

You surrender to wear

like a comet entering the earth’s atmosphere

fading only for us to see a spectacular fall

and make a wish

You say that you’re not the truth

we are

but we wouldn’t have figured it out

without your unwritten poetry

without acknowlegement but for your anonymity

and the time-space you exist in

you know that’s more than enough – curving time

selflessly vibrating in a city that cares only for its darkness

horribly alone we were all brought together

by your vision of love

in a scene of time-space you always exist

for whoever wants to remember

and yet there’s so much more than poetry

the way you rub your body against ours when you want to be heard and felt

instantly there is queer edge felt across the smoky corners of the night

your abstractness pulling one out of the awe

strange science transformed into art

with a kitsch streak of disgusting adjectives

indicating a cultural reference of about 10000 years of human evolution

we couldn’t possibly get enough

you wouldn’t leave us anyway

or would you?

No one knows where you came from

what you left behind to be here

and what would make you leave again

One thing I know, if you left, you would do so without a trace

You try to fool us, but I’ve noticed every track you leave is subsequently erased

like a murdered who killed too many times to make a mistake now

you’ll kill yourself in the end

and you’ll be the only one who won’t be considered a suspect

I hereby immortalise you in a blog you are the only one who reads


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