Bliss reminds me that I’m forgetting something

like a wool coating I knit for my frozen insides

I used to be super demanding, super solid

then one day I said “I don’t want to talk anymore, I just want to go out and have fun”

finally an undisturbed state of maturity and internalised hurt

and the night slowly crept inside me

“you only forgive people you don’t really depend on”

so the dependable cannot be forgiven while the unreliable cannot be but transient

and the trans of the transient prevails

and translates into bliss for a stable body temperature of below zero

but I wonder how can they not see

in such adverse body conditions how can one reject transient warm wooly bliss?

and how can we not see that the sum of many blissful encounters is a terrifyingly solid relationship with your favourite wooly jumper

a political act of reduced entropy

an eternal transient encounter with warmth

a war against a life full of small everyday doses of taxed conventional decay

I’ll take my decay warm and dadaist, thank you very much

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