generation null

There’s something about decades that makes people get that sense of belonging

There’s something about time that’s dramatic, so narrowing it down to a measurable amount is reassuring

It’s totally insignificant but for references

but then again how can you compare all this garage music – foolishly mellow garbage with the 90s?

the pain of this generation that has no decade because it was all nullified right there at the naugties

there was a time when you could grab something you really wanted and people would smile

how hard it must be for kids today being able to grab nothing legitimately

a friend told me about grabbing a girl’s ass when he was teenager – a girl around 30 who giggled with her girlfriend while he run away

he meant no harm, she knew and anyway a human preserves the right to enjoy incomprehensible futility

crumbs of dadaism left behind by people digesting the decades that have vanished

hedonism from times when falling in love was still a joyous affair

wasteful and unproductive that hedonistic love is dragged behind chariots through streets for people to spit on

abolish your most human humanity for an academic narrative

scientific conventions accepted as truth

transcendence in the age of methodicity

work under suffocating protocols

the collective evolution at a time when 3rd world war is raging against the collective

the elite is rubbing hands

while we stay in our homes, soon to be bombarded by a new wave of taxation

the time, it ripens

generation null wake up!

it’s 4 fucken o’clock in the afternoon again you lazy shit!

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