broken ear-drumms

I haven’t been listening it’s been weeks now

I just can’t listen to anything or anyone

there’s too much noise from my brain

I keep interacting just to ease the pain

not just my pain, everyone else’s too

it would have been better if I just listened

and slowly internalised the small trivial conclusions

until they became some kind of structured entity

pain scattered in the universe trivially

people doing instead of standing still

proactively cheating anyone

finding excuses and regargitating them

loneliness is not listening to your surroundings

this world is not a lonely place

just a brainwashed society

with broken ear-drumms

destroyed nerves

if matrix is true in a sense

you won’t need any pills to see

breaking a heart and pretending it’s no big deal

a child’s heart, a friend’s heart, a lover’s heart

is not listening to that heart

not being there

Sounding like that idiot de Botton again

maybe I didn’t read attentively enough


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