voyeuristic daisy

patiently waiting for fate to manifest itself

everyone wants to rule their destiny

always seemed bleak to me

memories tarnished with monolithic present

and dreaded scenarios

daisies looking so pretty

will the course of destiny change them?

daisies are simple, pretty, with an honest scent

flowers wait

trees wait

everything that I love about this world is oblivious

why should I rush towards western values?

what fucked up motives put these psychoanalytical ideas of guilt and blame in our heads?

finally as pretty (oblivious) as can be, pretty like a daisy

tomorrow society awaits another communion

I’ll return inevitably to a lower form of life

against the collective

pet/baby-obsessed freaks and depressed low-lifes will track me down

inanimate you will feel and do what you should

there is a wisedom in that for well-adjusted-type societies

however, here wisedom sounds trivial

all that matters is our gentle aggregation of molecules dissolving like Schrödinger’s cat at any point in time and space

what we learned my friend is not that transcedent

we both know we would give it up in an instant

just to learn it again

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