the equation of love

Polygamy, polyamory, fuck buddyhood, one night stands and all those wonderful free loving notions, all spell “I”

and in “I” we stare eye-to-eye

there is no promisse

there is no past – no future – no success – no failure

there is the eternal hedonistic death of people barely alive

and I laugh at the sea and the trees and the hills wildly alone

because I don’t fear being alone

I only fear the spiteful fear of idiots

who can’t solve a simple equation

who never studied math

who can never be alone who can never be together

but will hunt you down and haunt you

spitefully plotting their revenge

in an effort to destroy mathematics and any living carrier of their logic

and burn the witches to the ground

essentially fulfilling the carefully calculated malthusian prophesy

Evolve promiscuous idiots! Evolve!

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