Cat city

I sat quietly, sadly, regretfully

nothing had come down yet, but I knew it was coming

I knew from their drooling mouths, the blood was going to flow

hidden internal wounds would bleed

and a fool, like you, would never listen and wouldn’t know they were dying until all the blood had been drained

They’re thirsty for blood! I screamed

“Freedom” is all about allowing society to infiltrate intimacy!

but you still wouldn’t listen

I guess it’s something about the urban ecosystem

I mean it’s full of spiteful territorial cats without territories

they are manipulative pests with an army of toxoplasmosis-infected spinster zombies protecting them

imagine a city with giant pandas roaming around

or even wild bears filling people with fear and respect for life

wouldn’t it be different?

but we have to have cats, we just had to be surrounded by them

well, clearly there would be a social need for a malicious sneaky type of violence, clearly sadomazochism would conquer all that is good, honest and affectionate

I always keep a dog by my side to neutralise the evil of cats

he’s a very accepting dog

he even accepts cats, as he is aware, it was not their fault that they were transformed into spiteful pests filling our hearts with envy and spite

And as cats eat the last hope from their disintegrating souls, may they open their eyes to something more than a zombified spinsterhood and be satisfied at what they destroyed

Maybe even be reminescent for just a brief moment for what is being digested and turned into shit

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