A false sense of entitlement

Kids get mad sometimes because they think that they are entitled to things they’re not.

Kids become adults and if they still feel they are entitled to things they’re not, they can get angry and sometimes dangerous.

Kids want candy and toys and more time playing computer games.

Grown ups want drugs and sexual fulfillment and more time stalking people on facebook.

Today’s young adults were 90s kids, they or their parents had no idea what was going to come down.

Now these adults feel they’re entitled to all those things they were told they were getting.

More money, more time, a better life and more stuff are just unreachable.

One has to work really hard for a decent life.

Adult kids are angry and hungry and depressed.

They have tantrums and anxiety and no one knows what to do with them.

It’s too late.

They have to be told now that everything they were told was wrong, a miscalculation.

Humanity owes them, but she doesn’t really give a shit, she has too many problems of her own.

The kids keep fucking up, no one likes them anymore and they don’t even like themselves.

They want to be left alone, but they also want to be nice.

Part of the deal is having to discipline your desires for the sake of the collective, of some- any collective – for school.

They’re depressed – they hate school – they don’t need it.

It’s no fun belonging to a miserable collective where one has to work this hard to counterbalance the shit the economy has dumped on us.

They grab anything they can.

They grabbed my ass one day and I got angry.

They don’t know what they did wrong – they were entitled to that ass – it was an ass with no face.

The kids look in the mirror and realise they’re adults, they have a face, distorted but a face nontheless.

The pain is profound and they’re seriously considering suicide.

The mum is gone – talk to the ass.

They talk to the ass – they feel special.

The ass shits on them – they feel shit.

A group of monkeys approaches – they are also angry.

The kids raise their fists.

It’s world war III and the monkeys are well-armed with stupidity.

Now it’s time to grow up, it’s time for change, it’s time for the collective, it’s time to shine!

But who’s going to stand up and lead them?

Vincent Gallo looks promising… haha ha


Heart to heart – mind to mind – we are the ones that travel through time

I have been reading and trying to understand what the current driving forces in world politics are. I have tried to pinpoint the underlying predicaments behind breitbart propaganda. My main reason for doing this is on one hand that I am concerned about the future, not mine of course, but my offspring’s and on the other that I find this alt-right movement very relevant to everyday people’s view on life. There seems to be a relatedness between the controversy behind Milo Yannopoulos’ self-loathing drag alter ego and any art or dadaism I am exposed to.

My friends, especially those concerned with art or work, anyone below 35, are insisting on dismissing any political influence at the moment. People are either terrified or refusing to be terrified by the inexplicable cloud of hate-speech and racism hovering over the world. However, it seems to me, that they are profoundly affected by a political agenda of self-sarcasm and dadaism. People such as Milo Yannopoulos are openly converting Freudian childhood trauma to politics. Psychoanalysis has failed in deconstructing humans, emancipation for a greater good insults one’s intelligence. Surely a human is empowered by her own lack of discipline to evolution and simultaneously the bet they are proposing is one of challenging exactly that evolution.

These people are neither idiots nor balanced. They don’t believe anyone is balanced and in that they might not be that far off. People like Bannon declare loyality to classical american literature and Malthus. Lets not kid ourselves, they are fully aware of the detrimental effects overpopulation has on the continuation of life, as well as the doubtful importance life has on the universe. Carbon emissions and mass extinctions mean nothing on geologic time scales, in fact the planet has been pretty much asking us to ‘bring it on’.

However, politics is always about choice and there is choice from the highest levels of governance to the grassroots of society. They are essentially choosing what to focus on and what to overlook. What is scary is not the almost convulsive line of thought behind the propaganda of breibart, but the choice to abolish anything that makes this life or world tolerable to human nature. Things such as cooperation, acceptance, second-chances, investment in children, science, education, stray animals, the beauty, randomness and complexity of nature, are basically overlooked and that is a choice, clearly aiming at stretching human consciousness to its limits. What is scary is that they are in fact challenging evolution in good self-sarcastic humour. Societies all over the world are actually following this movement of a dark macabre kitsch aesthetic. It requires people with a very solid cultural and scientific background to be able to sail against the current and as education is target number one, those people may gradually lack in resonance.

Yet as hopeless as our race has clearly proven to be at the moment and as predetermined as our fate may seem at times, in species terms, the choice remains and as with every ethical utopia, the aim is not to reach god, but to reach a collective sense of purpose. As Steinbeck puts it in his book “The pearl”, once more, it is a matter of man pretending to be god and woman accepting that she needs a god, although this god may destroy her and everything she loves. It is simply a matter of the woman in all of us being self-assured enough to make a choice to accept that “she needs this god and madman in her life” but has got to trust in her ability to tame his ambitious nihilism. Testosterone production is really too much of an investment without any prospect of reproduction in biological and emotional terms, whilst estrogen may prove more powerful that nuclear weapons once again.

Nazism was nonsense very similar to the nonsense Trump is proclaiming. So why does humanity have such affinity for nonsense? Did she really need the mad god in her life or was she tied to him by nothing more than sexist patterns? Is the world governed by a bunch of kids whose mothers were simply too forgiving with too little self-respect and a distorted sense of self-worth? Will Scandinavia ever speak up? Will Melania and Zizek finally get it on?






Pinewood derby (Southpark)

The performance was terrible!

I went to the performance

it was terrible

I was constantly concerned they were going to hurt themselves

clearly this was childish

but then again the other side of the coin was motherly


manipulative performers!

grow up! this behaviour is unacceptable!

I will punish you with deconstruction

since I am very much against violence

I would suggest you coordinate things in a more civilised manner on your next performance

I will of course love you no matter what

my love will not be overshadowed by dada

however, I would enjoy a more sophisticated approach to maturity

I will be at the next performance and I shall watch it solemnly

finally please accept my sincerest wishes for a prosperous creative future