A false sense of entitlement

Kids get mad sometimes because they think that they are entitled to things they’re not.

Kids become adults and if they still feel they are entitled to things they’re not, they can get angry and sometimes dangerous.

Kids want candy and toys and more time playing computer games.

Grown ups want drugs and sexual fulfillment and more time stalking people on facebook.

Today’s young adults were 90s kids, they or their parents had no idea what was going to come down.

Now these adults feel they’re entitled to all those things they were told they were getting.

More money, more time, a better life and more stuff are just unreachable.

One has to work really hard for a decent life.

Adult kids are angry and hungry and depressed.

They have tantrums and anxiety and no one knows what to do with them.

It’s too late.

They have to be told now that everything they were told was wrong, a miscalculation.

Humanity owes them, but she doesn’t really give a shit, she has too many problems of her own.

The kids keep fucking up, no one likes them anymore and they don’t even like themselves.

They want to be left alone, but they also want to be nice.

Part of the deal is having to discipline your desires for the sake of the collective, of some- any collective – for school.

They’re depressed – they hate school – they don’t need it.

It’s no fun belonging to a miserable collective where one has to work this hard to counterbalance the shit the economy has dumped on us.

They grab anything they can.

They grabbed my ass one day and I got angry.

They don’t know what they did wrong – they were entitled to that ass – it was an ass with no face.

The kids look in the mirror and realise they’re adults, they have a face, distorted but a face nontheless.

The pain is profound and they’re seriously considering suicide.

The mum is gone – talk to the ass.

They talk to the ass – they feel special.

The ass shits on them – they feel shit.

A group of monkeys approaches – they are also angry.

The kids raise their fists.

It’s world war III and the monkeys are well-armed with stupidity.

Now it’s time to grow up, it’s time for change, it’s time for the collective, it’s time to shine!

But who’s going to stand up and lead them?

Vincent Gallo looks promising… haha ha

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