Everything about marriage is subject to criticism

its theoretical foundations are at first glance so religion and society related that I despair

I despair joyfully

however, beneath all the small-talk and the class-related affirmations, the anthropological significance is evident

It may be inappropriate for sexual intercourse to somehow involve a celebration and a gathering of families

but at the occasion of a formalisation of such a union by means of the credentials of one god or another, the exchange of genetic material somehow brings people together in a metaphysical context

The night before my brother told me he felt our father would have an accident on his way to the wedding. He felt that probability justified his fears. I felt nothing of the sort, which made the announcement of the accident almost cinematic.

We jumped on a boat and were transported to the mainland, where a car was waiting to take us to the place where the car had flipped over. Every conversation and every word anyone uttered seemed a bit too profound to be part of reality during our way there. It turned out everyone was fine and our father was immensely glad he didn’t wear a seat-belt, so he could climb out of the car quickly, while our granny was happy her hair still looked big.

Our new family-to-be had no idea how to interpret what they were seeing or what was being said, but they were already socially and genetically destined to start understanding, as were we to understand their less dramatic ways.

The union was sealed through a few scratches, a bump on a head and a wrecked car.

We had all been shaken collectively, sniffing out emotions, tears and neuroses. On our way back, the realisation that we had all been preparing for this moment throughout a relationship that was leading up to a marriage, delayed by one hour, was evident. No one felt the need to speak any longer, we could not keep up pretenses – even before the ceremony took place, we had all come to see that the blood of one stream was flowing through the other at the exact point of their union.

A jeep had to be sacrificed to gain approval from the dead. It was a perfectly healthy strong car and our ancestors were pleased.

We got wasted and danced all night. Everything was as it should, as it always was.

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