Yo dog

He said I miss souvlaki

These are the nicest people on earth, but they’re fucken boring as hell

He’s like the nicest dad on earth, but he’s as boring as a berry in august in a bush in the Finnish countryside

May sound like nothing to you, but to us, all this is our life’s reference

It’s like winking to someone always watching over you watching over them

I grabbed the dog and went to see a movie

It was a screening for dogs

They were the happiest dogs on earth, cause anyway how many dogs do you know who get to watch spirited away accompanied by a very elaborate dj set along with their owners all in pretty good spirits?

Everyone was blissfully sniffing everyone’s ass

Really good smelling asses, well ok they’re asses, but you know how in touch it makes a dog feel with the universe to sniff a friendly ass

we were all drooling over everyone and sniffing and scratching and howling

Never felt this in touch with my dog side before

It was like the stuff a dog’s dream is made of

I felt like a good dog

but I wonder, am I really?

they say that a dog is always in love


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