my best friend, brain

My brain is like a cat and sadly I hate cats, they have so little consideration for the collective

it loves finding boxes and enclosing itself

it usually comes out at the most unexpected times

and knocks over a vase with flowers I was carefully arranging for hours

it is at its most embarrassing when sexually attracted to people and ideas

it pleases itself with obscenities that serve no other purpose than its unsatisfiable hunger for play

it lacks eyes, ears and nose and just curls up next to the wrong people purring like an idiot

it mostly enjoys reading books by complete assholes

the few times we like the same books I announce it to everyone triumphantly

little do they know what I have to go though with this tasteless horny idiot all the time

it just finished reading a book by Celine

it really liked it and I find it quite embarrassing

he was a fucken sick fascist, brain! I cry out, but it just doesn’t care

I’m really angry at the moment and I need to stop writing and get drunk

I am not normally violent, but sometimes I even suspect it has phallocratic tendencies

we’re freaking girls!!!

Oh no was that another brain cell dieing?

Oh no, poor brain, so sorry for you… NOT!

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