zombie herd of sheep

-The sheep are dead!

-How can they be dead? who killed them?

-I did.

-How could you? How did you kill them? Did they know they were going to die?

-No, they had no idea. I killed them with a gun.

-Hmmm at least they didn’t know.

-Do you realise they might come back and haunt you? That herd, always so willing to follow you around and lick you, so soft and whooly. Oh god why?

-They are dead, I made money.

-What kind of man are you?

-I didn’t enjoy killing them, you know.

-But you were the one who caused their death. They are now meat.

-Clearly, but you know I would much rather have meat that I know lived a happy life.

-Meat living a life, happy matter, life, food, I can’t even begin to understand how all these things are related.

-I do.

-Baaaaaaaa baaaaaaa…. Can you hear that? It’s the sheep back to haunt you… You used to have a herd of sheep in your garden, now you have a zombie herd of sheep!

-Ha ha ha, you’re an idiot.

-I know, but emm… yeah.

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