The age of bullying

Essentially the post-recession rise of fascism in the western world had a very subtle impact on society. It involved many incidents of violence and murder and some institutionalisation with participation in parliaments and decision-making centres, but the most profound impact had to do with instillation of fear in people. After a wave of insolent violence, which created a counter wave of solidarity, everything seemingly calmed down in Greece with Syriza coming to power. I have heard from immigrants themselves that the Syriza government created a perceived retreat in fascist violent attacks, however, most “peaceful and respectful” citizens were scarred with fear, burdened with the awareness that fascism is still alive and well.

Small references implying racism and conservatism blending in most bizarrely with political-correctness can be heard more widely than ever through the cracks of external decency. The lack of political education and the distortion of modern history by all sides, left a lot of people who are just taken by the wind to whichever direction feels safest, with a subtle fascist dialectic enriching their speech.

One of my son’s friends was walking down Lycabettus with us and some other kids when he asked me how come we were going that way, “I’ve parked the car in Exarchia (area where most anarchist groups are based)” I replied. “Are you an anarchist then?” he went on to inquire, to which I replied “no dear, it’s just that Exarchia is the only place in central Athens where you can park your car for free”, “you like throwing stones at the police and smashing things, don’t you?” he insisted. I’ve known his parents for several years and nothing could justify this small attack.

This and other small trivial incidents, where people are so overcome with fascist propaganda and fear that it starts showing how little culture or sophistication their souls truly perspire, remind me that there are things boiling underneath us all and a volcanic eruption may be unavoidable, unless a global act of justice may finally put idiots at ease for a while.

It’s a time when no one feels safe and taxation is so unrealistic that everyone feels targeted and unable to maintain the low profiles the majority is usually comfortable with. At this time, no alternative, even on a theoretic basis can begin to sparkle even small-talk, not to mention debate. People are so scared really, that they are willing to take the side of the biggest bully.

And after a long period of wondering “how did wwII come about?” finally came a period of “ahaaaa that’s how it works!”. Everyone leading aimless existences likes being punished or rewarded according to a system of justice and what principles justice follows is irrelevant, as long as there is a system and everyone leads aimless existences in a non-existent economy, unless they’re poets. So we wait for a new system and the longer the wait the more unprecedented the outcome, as the eagerness will be too great to contain.

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