We wonder how come aliens never seem to reveal themselves. The math doesn’t add up and it remains a mystery.

I have been debating polyamory with a friend some time now. My stance is a very negative one towards it. At a mature age, after many affairs, flings and relationships, you come to understand that a heart has its limits, even though desire might know none.

Love has the ability to bend time and space, it is the essence of infinite possibilities. Read any Asimov short story or novel. The man was a biochemist and understood exactly how time and space is bent by love.

Time and space have limits to what extent they can be bent, the same way that polyamory is an excess and violation of natural laws to me. We can bend time and space thus far, but in the end of the day all we have is energy and that is defined by our molecular organisation.

When we’re in love we seek fortune tellers like madmen, we look for guarantees and rush to make promisses, but it’s futile. Love is what makes the future unknown, what creates people and kills them. Love is what math is still failing to account for.

What if we came to see that we are the true aliens, the true mystery in the universe?

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