to pseudofeminists

Pop-culture is a bit of a plague and a blessing for the deconstructive among us. Everything, every single thing can be popularised and there’s a very widely available formula for doing this. But this is a different phenomenon altogether, it’s old, traditional, versatile and in the very core of human evolution – patriarchy, this time, disguised as the popular feminism.

Patriarchy, as a meme, seems to be incredibly persistent and eternally topical. Feminism is not about voicing the views of a repressed minority, but about the disillusioned majority. Now, with all the feminist literature, art and lobbying, a lot of men, considering themselves of higher intellectual foresight than the general population, express radically feminist opinions and a lot of these men deeply believe in what they’re supporting, or at least believe they do. The same goes for a lot of women and does not leave the queer community outside.

However, it’s not before you get to know them intimately and their relationships to women or other women, that you realise it’s all fabricated and in fact they’re replicating the very issues they believe to be addressing. This gives additional value to the patriarchy meme, which seems to be like a virus no one can find the cure for, in fact one that maybe almost symbiotic to human existence, considering the various intricate ways, in which it penetrates intimacy and has done throughout human history.

What’s interesting about this type of post-patriarchy, modern societies are plagued with, is that it usually manifests itself as something as intimate as sexual vice or recreational drug use-related behaviours. Thus, addressing it, is almost like one is a puritan, trying to corner people for enjoying themselves or “opening their minds”. Not all people who feel horny or high, however become sexists, that state of low inhibition and liberation, only helps in releasing past traumas in people having been subject to some kind of emotional or sexual abuse, with patriarchy being in one way or another the ultimate cause. Partying for many people is a way of dealing with trauma and exploring uninhibitedly their darkest deepest sides.

However, having seen people being horny or high and exhibiting no sexist behaviour, I am convinced that the pseudofenists usually have something to get out of their system. I’ve seen people shatter relationships, just because they felt like flirting or being out of their heads or resorting to abuse and violence as a final patriarchic state of decompression. The next day everyone might be willing to cut them some slack and it’s not that any damage is irreparable, it’s that their deep faith in the patriarch motives of the past actually manifested itself, yet making it somewhat difficult to pinpoint the underlying traumas and memes in the post-modern setting of bars and clubs. It’s that the lowering of their feminist intellectual facade and their coherance to patriarch prototypes of behaviour left them bare.

Everyone sees it, but everyone hides from it, is it because everyone has something to hide? Is it because judging someone strictly and based on political values makes people fearful that they might be judged some day as well? Is it because patriarchy is the vice of the masses? Is it because we’ve all been somewhat molested through a look, a touch or a more violent act by a pseudofeminist when we were children? and is it because our mothers were too afraid to speak-up? And if we’re all sick, then what is sick? Is it the hurt feelings of a mother who thought it best to shut her mouth and move on? Embrace it or address it?


Men, women and baboons


Thelma Rowell is a biologist known for working with baboons in the 1960s. Her work was groundbreaking, not only because she changed the way the scientific community viewed hierarchy and competition in primates, but predominantly because she was a pioneer for an ideological and political movement called feminist primatology. A movement which placed women in an advantageous position in ethology (the study of animal behaviour) in relation to men and turned compassion, which was considered a weakness, into a scientific strength.

Initially, she faced discrimination by the male establishment of scientists, due to her sex. It was nothing but the average discrimination a woman-scientist might be faced with in 1960s Europe, just what was going on at the time, so she opted for a career of field-work with baboons in Uganda (Ishasha). What was noteworthy about her approach was her skepticism towards previous studies designed by men who fashioned their experiments in such a way that would pretty much guarantee them the expected conclusion in a relatively brief period of time.

Thelma on the other hand attempted to minimise stress caused by her, the observer, thus minimising simplification and maximising the possibility of her observations being a realistic take of what goes on in the wild. What she found was that the rigidity of the previously described hierarchy in primates was actually a result of what one would expect in any mammal society faced with stress for resources. In addition, she found that what was previously considered a patriarchy was really a society where relationships between all members of the group was based on a constant process of kinship and maintainance through grooming and sharing. They even seemed to reconcile differences through affectionate gestures. Females were far from being subordinate in a resourceful natural environment, even though the sex of each animal played a role in how they would distribute their time.

Rowell in other words, proved that dominance is an artefact projecting the stress faced by humans and reproducing it. I suppose, the stress is indeed a reality in human societies, but the aggressive and manipulative manner in which human males take pride in dealing with it should one day be the object of extensive study by baboons.


Sexism in greek society is a lake where all evil is born. Men, still today, whether they come from the far left, the far right of the horizon or the heavens of orthodox faith are expected to be somewhat macho, while women should react in a europeanised submissive manner… and all that had always been a messy affair, but it was still cool while we were having fun back in the 90s. Now that times are getting darker with the day, it seems that the golden dawn fascists are not satisfied simply by beating up their wives and the left-winged activists are far too busy going from assembly to demonstration to have any time to spend with their children. Wives, mothers and over-worked single women tend to be uninvolved and anyway unavailable. Who gives a shit about what they have to say, who ever gave a shit unless they turned on their manliness? And even then they would probably be mocked by a man rolling a cigarette and sipping coffee going something like “step down little darling and shut it, this isn’t the time for your little complaints”, while his male friends would gang around and giggle. Well I do get why it’s no time to worry about trees, endangered species and fishery depletion, but your kids man or your housekeeper-cleaner-child carer-sex toy-hard working woman, shouldn’t you give a shit about her?

And again there are those who do get the equation: what you give is what you get, but those are the minority. Most of my girl friends are the sole carers of their offspring, in fact some of their husbands are rarely seen and then there are those who do all they should and we all go “ohhhh bless, isn’t he lovely!?”, well hell no! he’s only doing what he ought to have committed to when he knocked you up!

It’s not oblivion feeding this vicious circle of children grown up to sexist beliefs, it’s also fear for not being conventional enough in a society so committed to its social cliques that it entirely looses sight of what personal development stands for and how that could be shared.

But for time to be spent effectively in a social context, time needs to be spent effectively in homes and self-respect needs to be cultivated internally through educating ourselves about what we are and what we have. It takes education to appreciate this process by the majority, education which none of us has enjoyed in this country. However, there is a minority, irrespective of social class, political, or religious beliefs who happened to grow up in a democratic loving family, in which mum respected dad and so did he. Sadly, I have come across no such example from my middle class circle, but surprisingly I have done in the working class areas I visited with my old job, giving presentations on recycling and environmental issues.

Could we be in desperate need of a new working class with newly found respect for work, itself and others after all? Could this man-governed society be in desperate need of a woman to tidy up the political and ideological mess, as well as the home? And do people really need to learn to spend time with those that are most close to them, their very own families, as opposed to their extended relatives? As family resources are being depleted I am hoping for the magic of work and companionship to emerge again one day, while respect for the sickly, old fashioned and tired elders to be replaced by healthy youthful renewal.